Steve Von Till : nouvel album, premier extrait en écoute

(c) Bobby Cochran


No Wilderness Deep Enough, le nouvel album de Steve Von Till, sortira le 7 août chez Neurot Recordings, en même temps qu’un livre : Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics.

En voici un premier extrait :

No Wilderness Deep Enough Track Listing:

1 – Dreams of Trees
2 – The Old Straight Track
3 – Indifferent Eyes
4 – Trail the Silent Hours
5 – Shadows on the Run
6 – Wild Iron


Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems and Collected Lyrics
by Steve Von Till

First printing: Limited hardback edition
Beautifully illustrated with linocuts by Mazatl
Published by Astrophil Press at the University of South Dakota

Table of Contents:
23 Untitled Poems
As The Crow Flies
If I Should Fall to the Field
A Grave is a Grim Horse
A Life Unto Itself
No Wilderness Deep Enough