New Noise #30 (Killing Joke)

Couv : Killing Joke
Portrait : Jaz Coleman
Track by track : Clutch
Track by track : Ugly Kid Joe
Retro : Harmonia
Bibliothèque de Combat : Michaël Mention
Reviews : Fall Of Summer, Freakshow, Levitation, FME
Glorieux perdants : Clockhammer, Mary Beats Jane
Note Discordante : Slayer – Diabolus In Musica
Listener’s Digest : Monster Magnet

Interviews : Oneohtrix Point Never, Killing Joke, With The Dead, Zombi, Aucan, Low, Danzig, The Chills, Tamaryn, Die Krupps, Radkey, Helena Hauff, Dead Lord, Clay Rendering, Harm Done, Pinkish Black, Dead Fader, Wavves, 3Teeth, Yves De Mey, Lucifer, Cowboys From Outer Space, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Cockpit…

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